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life in Shanghai as a foreigner

How to play Steam/Nintendo Switch online games in China with international servers

I like to play online games. But when I came to China, I realized that not only China has a Great Firewall (GWF), but China also have a separate account system. All game accounts in China can only be used in China, and your international game accounts (steam account in my case) must be connected to a China account (Perfect World account/完美世界). That also mean some games have separate version for China and outside China (international). For example, CSGO and Dota 2. Play Steam/Nintendo Switch online games in China Basically you have two options playing online games in China like…

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How to Use Magic Mouse 2 with Windows 11

TLDR: Driver link I just purchased a space gray magic mouse 2 this week. A lot of reviews saying that magic mouse has terrible ergonomics. But my work requires me to do a lot of scrolling, either for browsing internet or viewing design files. So, I decided to get myself a space gray magic mouse 2. Despite the fact that Apple discontinuing their space gray accessories. The package came with some bonus accessories, such as black charging thunderbolt cable, mouse pad, small mouse pouch, and also black matte surface protector, pretty neat 🙂 Everything was perfect when I connected…


Hello world!

Hello everyone! I’m an expat currently living in Shanghai, working as a front-end tech leader in a multinational company. It’s been some time since I wanted to start a blog. I remember there were so many times I was completely lost about things. Like during the first month I moved to China three years ago, I was desperately trying to adapt myself with China life –considering my poor Chinese skills at that time-. There are so many things that I wish I knew before I deciding to move here. It’s not that I don’t like China, in fact, I love…

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