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How to Use Magic Mouse 2 with Windows 11

TLDR: Driver link

I just purchased a space gray magic mouse 2 this week. A lot of reviews saying that magic mouse has terrible ergonomics. But my work requires me to do a lot of scrolling, either for browsing internet or viewing design files. So, I decided to get myself a space gray magic mouse 2. Despite the fact that Apple discontinuing their space gray accessories. The package came with some bonus accessories, such as black charging thunderbolt cable, mouse pad, small mouse pouch, and also black matte surface protector, pretty neat ๐Ÿ™‚

I love my new magic mouse ?

Everything was perfect when I connected the mice to my Mac laptop. It has a double tap gesture to trigger the ‘smart zoom‘ feature (which automatically zoom-in or zoom-out a webpage or pdf). But when I connected it to my Windows laptop, the mouse scroll doesn’t work at all. It’s just plain stupid.

After minutes of searching, I found that some people suggested to install Bootcamp drivers, which I reluctantly installed (since it’s an official driver from Apple), but after installation, the scroll still didn’t work. Even worse, many search engine results are actually suggesting to install an unauthorized driver software, like this article, or this Youtube tutorial. Both suggesting to install this magic utilities driver. But this ‘driver’ only works for 28 days during it’s trial version, and you have to pay annual subscription to make it work. Even worse, the ‘license’ is per device license, which make it obvious that itโ€™s a scam.

It’s even more expensive in CNY
ha ha . .

After minutes of more searching, I found this github page with the Magic Mouse driver in an .inf file for the Magic Mouse driver. To install an .inf file, you need to right click the file, and select install. But, Windows 11 Explorer has a different right click menu. The ‘install‘ option is disabled by default, you need to click โ€˜Show more optionsโ€™ menu to get the classic right click menu. This is kinda annoying.

Edit: I forked the original github page here: (in case it’s somehow gone)

It can be tricky sometimes..
Click install to run the file

Seems my journey didn’t end there, both my horizontal and vertical scrolls direction is still using the ‘normal’ scroll direction in windows. Which is the opposite in Mac OS. While I can easily change mouse scroll direction in Mac OS, I cannot find equivalent configuration in Windows. Luckily I found a tutorial to reverse my mouse scroll direction. Here are the steps:
1) You need to get the mouse instance path. Open your Device Manager via Start menu.

Device manager control panel allows you to see all connected devices

2) Navigate to the Mice and other pointing devices, find your mouse model, then Right click > Properties.

3) Select Details tab, find Device instance path property. Then youโ€™ll see your mouse id in the registry.

Your mouse registry id, not the easiest id to memorize

4) Open your registry editor. Search for Registry Editor in your Start Menu. Before you update anything in the registry, make sure you backup your current registry via File > Export.

I love registry editor’s icon

4) Navigate your registry path to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID
find your mouse ID, then go to Device Parameters directory.

5) Double click the FlipFlopWheel key, and change it’s value to 1. Do the same for FlipFlopHScroll. Keep in mind that value 0 is for normal scroll direction, and 1 is for reversed scroll direction.

6) Restart your computer. Enjoy ~

After went through steps above, finally I get my brand new Space Gray Apply Mouse 2 to work ๐Ÿ™‚ with both vertical and horizontal scroll work perfectly in Macbook and Windows laptop.

~ tt ~

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  1. max max

    Thanks man. That worked. I was so frustrated.

  2. Winston Winston

    Awesome!! Thank you! Been searching for this exact topic for ages.

  3. John Doe John Doe

    THANK YOU!!!! I got banned from Magic Utilities because I cursed him/them out when I found out I had to pay per device. Greedy a$$hole(s)


    So much appreciation!

  4. kahnu kahnu

    tried..still scrolling not working

  5. Pandorin Pandorin

    Finally! Thanks a lot! I’ve been looking for a solution for months…
    BTW, I also had to remove the Magic Utilities from the system.

  6. Thanks!

    I just went to Apple’s Website and downloaded BootCamp (for Windows 7 & 8):

    Then, I navigated the bootcamp .zip file to \Bootcamp\Drivers\Apple\ and found the AppleWirelessMouseDriver64.exe, and double-clicked to install. It took about 1 second to complete.

    This gave me the native Apple driver from Apple, and scrolling both horizontal and vertical worked. Then, I followed your instructions for editing the registry. It worked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Pat Pat

    Many many Thanks!

  8. mrcoolman007 mrcoolman007

    wow, thank you very much. I have tried many things, with this solution I have solved my problem

  9. Sjaak Afhaak Sjaak Afhaak

    This actually worked! I tried the bootcamp method but scroll never worked (on Windows 11). With your instructions it does. Thank you.

  10. MF MF

    Thanks bro! Your well positioned in Google Search blog, and your generous post, made me use my Magic Mouse again. I wan’t going to pay what those “Magic Utilities” folks were charging for a sh*tty driver. That’s the kind of “side market” only Apple can create, wow.

  11. Doppelherz Doppelherz

    whoooooaaaaa, thank you!!!! I’ve tried it for literally years and gave up. Every now and then I am looking for a solution and here it is. Nice!

  12. Dunja Dunja

    O M G! Thank you so much, it worked exactly like you described, each step was very well explained and easy to follow! I tried it with several drivers (bootcamp, brigade etc) but none of it worked.. So thank you very very much!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ So happy, that it finally works ^^

  13. Alex Alex

    you rock!

  14. Joe Joe

    Thank you for this. Scrolling works great. But the mouse pointer tracking is a bit slow. It sped up a little bit using the Windows mouse settings, but not enough. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Joe Joe

      Scratch that. Wrong setting. SMH. Everything works great! Thank you!

  15. Vasumathi Vasumathi

    Thank you so much, i tried everything and some how landed here and it worked..

    My Magic mouse is working yay….

  16. Kina Kina

    Many thanks! This is the only working option after I had spent some hours on Google and tests.

  17. Chris Chris

    Worked for the wireless mouse but I couldn’t get the drivers to work for the trackpad, I used to use magic utilities back when he only charged once for life, I’m sad to see he moved to a subscription model.

  18. Emanuela Emanuela

    thank you! solved!

  19. Kings Kings

    Thank you!!!! It worked like a charm.

  20. Emily Emily

    Thank you! solved!

  21. Xtevie Xtevie

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Apple Magic Mouse II is my favorite mouse, and it’s a nice size for traveling with a laptop. Now I have my charcoal Apple mouse working with my work Win11 laptop, thanks to your super awesome directions. Have a blessed day!

  22. joao joao

    I haven’t done yet the procedure you define here, but I have a question. If I change the scroll direction does it affect the laptop pad? Many thanks

    • Hi, it won’t affecting laptop trackpad. Because the scroll direction in the registry is only set for the Magic Mouse’s device id (it also won’t affecting other mouse as well)

  23. Vasanth Vasanth

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tip!!! It worked like a charm.

  24. Abdel Abdel

    I couldn’t download the file. the only option I have is to save it as. Didn’t work when downloading it from the save as a file.

    any help?

  25. lim yu long lim yu long


  26. Ed Ed

    Nice one! Thanks for putting this together and saving the drivers, sorted me out

  27. Tommy Tommy

    I am having the same issue. I can get the mouse to work but not to scroll. When trying to install the INF file, I receive: The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation. The style of the INF is different than what was requested.” I am using Windows 11 Pro, 64bit.

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