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Month: August 2021

WeChat Mini Program wx.reportPerformance Library

Github link: Tencent’s WeChat Mini Program has a very robust native performance report tool. But I can’t find any library/util functions that utilize this tool. So, I decided to make one for my own usage, and as well make a tutorial on how to implement it in your projects. You can start by download the code from my repository here. The code should run out of the box in the WeChat Devtool. Make sure you’re using the latest version of WeChat devtool. About wx.reportPerformance wx.reportPerformance function can send performance data from client’s device, which means the data provided will…

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How to Use Magic Mouse 2 with Windows 11

TLDR: Driver link I just purchased a space gray magic mouse 2 this week. A lot of reviews saying that magic mouse has terrible ergonomics. But my work requires me to do a lot of scrolling, either for browsing internet or viewing design files. So, I decided to get myself a space gray magic mouse 2. Despite the fact that Apple discontinuing their space gray accessories. The package came with some bonus accessories, such as black charging thunderbolt cable, mouse pad, small mouse pouch, and also black matte surface protector, pretty neat 🙂 Everything was perfect when I connected…


Naive String and Boyer Moore Javascript Implementation

Github link: I need a string search algorithm in one of my frontend project. String.protoype.indexOf( ) is of course good. It also accept start index as a second parameter. I made a simple function with indexOf( ) that return array of indexes. While googling about this topic, I found some interesting algorithms, which naive string search and boyer moore. So, I decided to try implementing both out of curiosity. Naive String Search Being the simplest string matching algorithm, I can’t find any research paper who developed the algorithm. Probably this method is the default method every freshmen at…

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How to Update to Windows 11 beta

Yesterday I received an email about Windows 11, they made an announcement that their beta is now available in the Beta Channel. You can read their original post here. I decided to give it a go~ Update to Windows 11 beta steps: Make sure to make a backup of your files before you begin with the whole process You can enroll for Windows Insider program notifications here, after you enroll to the program, you will get the latest updates about Windows 11 Go to Settings, search for Windows Insider Program. Click Get Started, and choose your Insider Program channel. Here…

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